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Activities of and the services provided here

Writing a thesis with a guarantee

The thesis is the last stage of preparation of students for pedagogical qualification at the level of «specialist». It is the result of the curriculum and reflects the student’s ability to conduct a variety of research and solve scientific problems. The dissertation is an independent, original, completed research in a professional subject, has an internal unity, and contains a set of theoretical and practical assumptions, conclusions, and recommendations proposed for public defense in the examination board to obtain the appropriate scientific qualification. fulfills orders for the thesis of a specialist with a guarantee of a successful defense. If necessary, writes a report and creates information materials or slides to protect the work.

Order a master’s degree in defense and research

A master’s thesis is a student’s qualifying work required for a master’s degree. It is performed by a university student studying for a master’s degree. The purpose of the master’s work is to certify the professional knowledge of the student in the field of accounting, financial control, economic and financial analysis, audit, forensic accounting, research methodology, as well as practical skills acquired in training, production, and master’s practice in enterprises – scientific -research institutions. The master’s thesis is accompanied by a defense – all comments of the head of the master’s program must be corrected. also writes custom research articles for masters, which will be published in scientific journals, which is a condition for obtaining the title of «master».

Order a report and internship

Before writing a thesis, a student must undergo an internship in a company, institution, bank, government agency, etc. After completing the internship, you must write a report on the completion of an industrial or bachelor’s internship. The platform successfully writes reports at a high subject level. The report is based on materials provided by the client, or on the materials of actual and existing enterprises, which will be added to the report as appendices.

Bachelor’s degree to order with correction of all remarks of the head

To obtain a bachelor’s degree, you must write and successfully defend a master’s thesis in your specialty, as well as pass a state exam. The platform successfully writes undergraduate theses of various forms of complexity in all economic disciplines. To order a bachelor’s degree, simply call, write or fill out the form on the company’s website.

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